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Project Description

d!sco is the implementation of a meta discussion system. We rapid prototype an Ontology and Web API to serve as a data hub inside a P2P network. Be involved!

d!sco is an acronym for Discussion Ontology.

The d!sco prototype can be seen as a reference or sample implementation as well and consists of
  1. a Common Discussion Ontology (CDO), that is the common ground of any discussion
  2. a web based API, to operate on the Ontology
To learn more about d!sco please refer to the documentaion.

Who We Are

We are the change we want to see in the world! This project is driven by the Prototype Core Team of the working group AG Meinungsfindungstool.

You don't need to be member of the Pirate Party to become part of this open source project. If you are interested in building the future of e-democracy just join our team! NOTE: Please provide us with your contact and skill level details when request to join!

What We Want

Our aim is to evolve democracy due participation!

To enable participation for as many people as possible, we are building a meta discussion system that is part of the overall decision-making process. For more details on how to achieve this, please see our vision conception.

How To Get Involved

Before you can start working on the project, you need to Setup Your Development Environment. Please make sure that you have read the documentaion of this project and all referenced resources.

What Is Current And What Is Next

You can see the status reflected by our current work items.

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