Getting Started

The documentation is coming soon to this spot. Please be patient!

But if you would like to start preparing your development environment, please find more information here: Setup Your Development Environment.

For some technical information please refere to our Essential Readings page.

The Theory Behind

To dig deeper into the theoretical and methodical background of discussion systems or even the process of will formation itself, please refer to The Theoretical Background.

The Playground

Or play around with the Web API at our d!sco LIVE instance. We also have a d!sco TEST instance where updates are more frequent.

Please note that you can access the d!sco TEST instance from and your local machine when running your test client on http://localhost:50256. But be aware, that the database and also the Web API on the d!sco TEST instance could change or being dropped at any time!

So start playing around and get connected...

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