The Theoretical Background

First of all, it is evident to preserve the users freedom of choice while enableing direct participation for the masses we have to deal with several issues of entropy.

"The overall freedom of choice leads to chaos! To preserve absolute freedom of choice, we need to handle chaos efficiently - OR - we restrict choices, that in turn reduces freedom."
What if this is true? How can we handle chaos efficiently?

The Ideological Part

We want to evolve democracy into the digital world as they is part of our daily experience. To become an impression of what d!sco is about, we need to look at the whole picture of democratic processes. The one which is formed by us - the people - needs to be enabled by more participation. To structure the chaotic process of formation of political will, we divide the Decision Making Process into four distinct systems that heavily interact throughout feedback loops.

Those systems are:
  1. Information System
  2. Discussion System
  3. Resolution System
  4. Coordination System

The Decision Making Process

The Technical Part

The d!sco project is defenitely about the Discussion System area.

The Discussion System (Technical Overview


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